Modules that break Varnish caching, and how to fix them

Admin (v. 2.0)


Adds a DrupalAdminToolbar cookie that is needed server-side to prevent "slow load JS flicker"


Most users won't have access to the admin toolbar, so this is probably a moot point

More Info

See this exchange with module's maintainer, yhahn, on #open-atrium:


Power up Drupal search with Jetty & Apache Solr in Ubuntu 10.04

If you are running a big site with loads of visitors or just running a normal site with very minimal resources your basic Drupal search functionality might slow down your site significantly. And it's not even very efficient solution to search all the contents of your site. Don't worry, the help is here. Apache Solr helps you with your site's search functionality and makes it blazingly fast! In this first part of Apache Solr walk through we are going to install and configure Apache Solr + Jetty with Drupal.

Best APC settings for a Drupal site to reduce page execution time

This is one of those "how long is a piece of string questions".

What is good for a high-volume site may not be the same for a low-volume site with a lot of modules, and may not be the same for a medium-volume site with only a few modules enabled. Other sites running on the server may also be eating into the memory that APC has available.

My starting point is


How to install memcached on Ubuntu for use with Drupal

This guide is based on various community forum posts. Special thanks to Jonathan Wagener for the Ubuntu specific instructions

How to properly install drush on Ubuntu 10.04

Despite it is clearly noted on http://drupal.org/node/1248790 the recommended way is to download Drush from the project page and to install it manually by reading the instructions of the README.txt file, many people start executing the aptitude command given on the same page:

$ sudo apt-get install drush

and the subsequent commands like

$ drush --version
$ drush dl drush

give you no joy since the official Ubuntu repositories contain very much outdated version of drush, which can not neither update itself nor display its version.

How to extract and theme Drupal 7 fields out of render($page['content']?

Drupal7's page.tpl.php uses $page['content'] variable to print all the stuff. So if you want to remove <?php print render($page['content']); ?> and instead want to print content fields separately, then take note of the following.

Instead of removing print render($content) you can use the hide() function to remove the field from $content and then the render() function to print our field somewhere else in the template.

For example, for an image field called field_image_captures use hide() to prevent it from printing out in $content:



Tinyurl is not tiny anymore

I've just setup http://akyl.net, a Drupal 6 website, with nodes configured to automatically be announced on Twitter, and posted my first entry: http://akyl.net/easy-way-extending-linux-logical-volumes. Everything looks great, but one thing.


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